Just a note to tell you how much I appreciate the crew at Interstate Optical in Indianapolis. When we call the lab, the telephone greeting is always friendly, and the answers to questions or solutions to problems are always prompt and accurate. The professionalism and courtesy of your Indiana sales team is second to none, as is Bob, [your Quality Control manager's] advice and technical expertise. They are nice people providing great service. Thank You!
Gordon R. Boyd, OD, Crawfordsville, IN

For 36 uninterrupted years I have used Interstate Optical as my sole lab of choice to provide my patients the best optical quality Lenses on the planet. Their quality workmanship shines on not only the “easy” jobs but on the really difficult extreme Rx’s. Our relationship is more of a partnership and they understand what I want and do their best to deliver every time. They are a great group to work with.
Dr. Steve Mather, Lafayette, IN

Interstate Optical has been my lab since day one and I’ve always felt they are looking out for me. That feeling was confirmed when they recently introduced the Frame Club. As an Independent [ECP], I’ve been challenged to find new profitable ways to enhance the income of my practice. Third-party really cuts into my margins and I sometimes feel like I’m working for them. When my rep shared the opportunity the Frame Club offered I was totally on board. I immediately started earning $25 for many of my orders. They recently added ROI which has some of my most popular selling brands. Thank you, Interstate, for being my Partner!
Dr. "K", Plymouth, IN

I wanted to take a minute to drop you a note to say nice things about your lab! Over the past 15 years I have had the pleasure of working with your lab in the 3 different practices I have been in. Each new practice allowed me to "bring my own lab" so to speak and it has worked out very well that I brought you. Over the years, I worked somewhat exclusively with Kay and then Connie and was very happy with the customer service that I received from them. I was very sad when each one of them left. Since then I began working with Peggy and also began receiving a lot of calls from Sue for information on orders, so I have been working pretty exclusively with them now. Never a disappointment! They have helped in so many circumstances. I had an 85-year-old patient show up looking all bruised and battered. She had fallen and scratched her lenses badly. She was leaving on vacation in 5 days and I asked Sue if there was any way to get new lenses for her and without disappointment they were here for her before she left. Just one example of the many times your staff has really gone the extra mile. Last week we had a patient that could not see out of a low-end progressive, polarized lens. Doctor Perko wasn't sure why since the prescription was accurate. I called into Sue and explained what was going on and within seconds I had Bud on the phone comparing this year’s lenses with her lenses from 2 years ago and offering suggestions as to what should help her out. Again, a vacation crisis with the patient leaving in a week, I am asking for a polarized (cheap brand) progressive to be here for her vacation! Again, NO disappointment. The lenses arrived with a day to spare. And the patient is now enjoying the Florida warmth with her new sunglasses. Through the years, I have spoken to Bud on many occasions asking advice on how to satisfy my patient. He is the BEST. He immediately gets on the phone, or returns the call within a very short time and has never disappointed with his suggestions. He definitely knows his stuff. Such a trait is NEVER available with other labs that we are forced to use. Never can you get a lab worker on the phone and never can you get help from a lab person. With all the different lenses out there and all of the insurances sometimes you just need someone to answer a question and your lab always provides that to me. John Levis is my sales rep! He is wonderful. His smiley face and jovial personality makes many routine visits to the office and is very good at making sure that I "stay on top" of what is new. Which is most helpful when trying to keep up with all of the changes in the industry. I have worked in the optical industry since I was 14 years old. (Over 40 years ago) I began by teaching people how to wear contacts on Saturdays part time and went on to being an optician just after high school graduation. Since I began at a Pearle Vision I also dabbled in lab work ... cutting, edging tinting etc. so I can appreciate what goes into making a good pair of glasses for someone. I always feel confident dispensing eyewear that comes from your lab! Which is very important when you are standing in front of someone and asking them to shell out $800.00 or so for something they don't even think they need. I thought it was really important to compliment you and your entire staff. I do speak with other customer service reps and they all are very kind; however, I tend to stay with one or two reps for my own comfort. We are all very quick to complain when something goes wrong and we are weak at sending praise when it is deserved. So, I wanted to be sure that I did take this time to thank you and your staff for all that you do for me. Without ALL of you in the background doing such a great job, we cannot look good in front of the patient! Thanks Again, and I look forward to continuing to work with all of you. Janice, Optician Dr. Neil Perko
Janice, Dr. Neil Perko

I love the Interstate Intellego 3 lenses! I have worn several different progressives & this is the 1st pair I just put on & had no trouble with.
Kristin, Valley City Vision, Valley City, OH

"We have used Interstate Optical Mansfield for several years. They have always provided exemplary customer service, going that extra step to help us provide our patients the best product to meet their optical needs. We would highly recommend Interstate to any practice looking for quality products and excellent customer service!"
Connie Z., Comprehensive Eyecare of Central Ohio, Westerville, OH

"Interstate Optical is definitely our lab of choice. We are a very busy office and Interstate's Customer Service is exceptional in friendliness, professionalism, helpfulness and follow-through. The Quality Control Manager goes above and beyond to help us with any questions or problems and always responds in a timely manner. He is very much appreciated! We are happy with the excellent quality and accuracy of jobs and the turnaround time is consistently speedy. Thank you to all of you who make us look good! We couldn't do it without you!"
Jan S., Dr. Thomas Kelly, Inc., Bay Village, OH

“We at Middletown & Settlers Walk Eye Care find Interstate’s Direct Rx program to be efficient and economical. It not only saves the staff time, but most importantly it saves the patient time in getting their glasses. Bottom line - tools like this make our practice more efficient. Being an efficient practice is key to becoming a successful practice.”
Debbie P., Middletown Eye Care

“As a private practice optometrist with 30 years of doing business with Interstate Optical, I appreciate their great service, superior quality and above all I appreciate their outstanding integrity. They have been a big part of the success of my practice.”
James R. Patterson, O.D., Ashland Eyecare Inc.

“Interstate is the best lab we have ever worked with. It is refreshing to work with a company with such great customer service in today's business environment.”
Dr. David Fullenkamp, Portland, IN

“I believe the Varilux S Series (especially the 4D) is the most sophisticated design on the market today. It performs as promised; I have had no refits, no remakes, no customer satisfaction issues. Extremely “comfortable” visual experience compared to other progressive addition lenses. I personally wear them and love them. I have several other designs/brands but find myself always wanting to wear my Varilux S lenses! Great product!”
Jeff R., The Ohio State University School of Optometry

“Just a word of thanks to Interstate Optical for offering Direct Rx service! As an optician in an extremely busy practice, I find this service to be of great value! Just one call or simply selecting DIRx to our on line order saves both time & money! Their exceptional customer service provides us with immediate updates should a frame be on backorder or delayed. Thanks again for simplifying the ordering process and allowing us more time with our patients!!”
Michelle H., Dr. Jeff Rice & Dr. Slade Galloway

“I am very happy with the quality work I get from [Interstate Optical] and the wonderful help from customer service!”
Dr. Deborah Signorino, Bryn Mawr, PA

“We have been with Interstate for more than 12 years and the service has always been excellent. The customer service team is very responsive to routine jobs going through, but also goes beyond what is considered good service to accommodate our patients’ needs. Being a family operated company, they treat their customers as if we are part of the family. From the top down, they are always willing to help grow our business in whatever capacity we ask.”
Alissa F., Columbus Ophthalmology Associates