Line Card


Traditional Lens Designs from:
Varilux, Essilor, Definity, Shamir, Signet Armorlite, Kodak , VSP Unity, V.S. TruClear, KBCo, SLC, X-Cel, Vision Ease, Younger, AO/Sola, Seiko, Shore
Dual Optics, Full Back Side Digital Progressives and
Intellego Digital, Xperio UV Polarized Sunwear, TruClear (Vision Source members only)


Transitions, Office Eyewear

In-House No Glare

Crizal No-Glare Family
Crizal Avance UV, Crizal Alize UV, Crizal Easy UV, Optifog with Crizal UV
Other No-Glare
Sharpview, Viso, Unity
Crizal No-Glare Family
Crizal Sapphire UV (produced off-site)
Other No-Glare
Kodak Clean 'N' CleAR, Kodak CleAR
ARxHP No-Glare Family
ARxHP UV, ARxHP Natural UV, ARxHP Sentinel+ UV, ARxHP UV Mirrors
Crizal No-Glare Family
Crizal Prevencia

Scratch Resistant Treatments

Optifog with TD2 by Essilor, TD2 by Essilor, Diamondback by Interstate

Optical Supplies

Full Array of Frame Collections, Dispensary supplies, Cases, Hilco, OptiSource, Hi-Look Cleaning Cloths, Clip-Ons, Chemistrie Magnetic Lenses, Dispensary furniture and displays