Education & Training

In today’s technology-driven market new advanced products are being introduced at lightning speed. Understanding and effectively communicating the features and lifestyle benefits represented by all these lens products is key to your success. Interstate Optical understands the importance of education to our mutual success, so we work hard to ensure that you have the information and training you need.

Basic Dispensing Classes

We host seminars in our Mansfield and Indianapolis facilities with in-depth coverage of various topics on the latest in lens technology and techniques for patient satisfaction and dispensary growth. These seminars are offered several times throughout the year and are structured to provide you with the tools to make a real difference in your practice.

In-Office Training

Our sales staff is trained to assist you with the introduction of new products and are available to hold on-site training sessions for your dispensers. Customer service representatives are available to help with the day to day questions about availability, compatibility and difficult or unusual prescriptions.

ECP University Online Training

Through our partnership with Essilor, we are able to offer you the Eyecare Practice University program. There are several levels of online training in this program, including a New Dispenser Quick Start online program as well as the Apollo program for advanced dispensing professionals. Through online learning and in-practice activities, these training programs are designed to develop staff confidence and competence, as well as improve sales techniques, product knowledge and professional growth.

Website Resources

Additionally, we have designed our website to provide you with always available resources such as New Product information, Product Lines, Upcoming Events, Current Pricing, Packages and Promotions. Our Library is filled with sales availability and technical literature on our various products.

Please contact your sales representative or customer service for information on seminar dates and on-site training. We are here for you!