Easy Ordering

We have a variety of ordering options to fit the needs of your busy practice. While internet based and remote ordering provide a great deal of convenience options, our customer service representatives are here to take your calls and assist in any questions you may have.


Vision RemoteVision Remote

Interstate’s Vision Remote is an easy-to-use computer-to-computer ordering system that can simplify your life! With Vision Remote on your computer, a host of benefits become available to you. Your Rx or stock orders go directly into our system and are started into production with a click of the transmit button, which speeds up your turnaround time and eliminates errors.

  • Instant lens availability information, including which lenses come in which materials
  • Up-to-date Rx order status and in-lab order location
  • You can place orders at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, toll free
  • Orders are very easy to enter--faster and more convenient than conventional methods
  • The system keeps a permanent record of what and when your order was placed and shipped
  • Orders for repeat customers can just be edited--there is no need to re-enter data
  • The system includes a 50,000+ frame database including sizes, colors, and shapes
Vision Remote

Interstate Optical is a VSP Approved Laboratory so you can get the quality and service Interstate offers when serving this very important client base. For easy ordering, we can be added to your Eyefinity lab drop down list.

Vision Remote

VisionWeb provides software and technology services to streamline and simplify the eyecare industry. VisionWeb technology helps eyecare practices, laboratories, manufacturers, and payers drive out inefficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and improve their bottom line.

Vision Remote
Interstate Optical is an EyeMed Providing Laboratory so you can get the quality and service Interstate offers when serving this very important client base. For easy ordering, we can be added to your Vision Web lab drop down list.

Traditional Ordering Methods: Interstate also welcomes orders via phone or fax. Our customer service team is always happy to assist you with any of your ordering needs!

Mansfield, OHIO phone: 800-472-5790 fax: 800-342-4136
Indianapolis, INDIANA phone: 800-506-4703 fax: 800-506-4704
Vision Remote

The purpose of our Direct Rx service is to both simplify your ordering efforts, and to speed your turnaround time when you order an Rx with a direct sell supplied frame.

Currently, you must order the frame with one phone call to the direct sell frame company, and the lenses with a second phone call (or other method) to the laboratory. The frame is then shipped either to you or drop shipped to the lab. Often, the lab is ready to mount the lenses well before the frame ever arrives. All this translates into added effort and delays for you.

With Interstate’s Direct Rx, you order both the lenses and the direct sell frame with one phone call to Interstate. We will order the direct sell frame for you using your account “bill to” number with a “ship to” Interstate Optical. The frame(s) will still be billed to you under whatever billing arrangements you presently have (buying group, direct-billing, etc.) with the direct sell frame company. Interstate will pay for overnight shipping so your Rx is not delayed. The shipping charge to you is only $2.65 per Rx. (The direct sell frame company will not charge you any shipping).

The Direct Rx Service has many benefits. First, you only have to make one phone call to order both frames and lenses. Second, the frames are shipped overnight.That means faster turnaround times and more satisfied customers. And third, you will pay less for shipping...just $2.65 per Rx.

For full details on our Direct Rx program, and to see the Direct Sell frame vendors on the program, click here !